July 2017 12
Release : SVDK & Coloscope – OPUS IV
Posted By : svdk

Fourth album of the OPUS serie. Our sound reflects the changes made in our respective setups. Using Pi-sound from blokas with a homemade live-capable pure-data patch, Coloscope made a flexible synth-tool allowing him to seek

January 2017 26
New album : [1, 7]
Posted By : svdk

[1, 7] is a compilation of 7 experimental tracks wandering around some unorthodox live-coding.  Album url on bandcamp Dedicated page on this website  

August 2016 26
Ethereal (sound track)
Posted By : svdk

A improvised ambientish live-coding track.   It’s heavily based on a modified version of  Eugene Kogan’s organ (initially made to use with a Leap Motion), also available on bandcamp.   [crayon-5aacb65d80cfb428828497/]