Tonight some moody guitars with a slow beat and noisy saws in the background.  As usual you can find the code under the video. I used spread (dice(x), x).tick to make some random euclidean patterns as documented The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms (pdf)  by Godffried Toussain, implemented in Sonic-Pi via spread, it allows for non-repetitive but cohesive structures with the use of dice to randomize the patterns.  The track is a bit slow to get alive, especially considering some typo mistakes slowing down the process, but hey, it’s a practice session and it’s supposed to be slow to evolve and moody.

Overall Sonic-Pi’s approach to live-coding is very interesting, easy to dive into but has enough depth to allow for a big margin in creativity and after reading some examples, I’ve come to understand I still got a lot to learn.