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Sonic Pi 360° video with Denk & W.Stone [video 360°]


Some notes about the recording of this video.  The difficult thing is we all use different o/s. I’m using windows 7 at the moment, Denk is on Linux (mint) and William is using Mac os (Sierra). We all wrote some draft code that we were ready to use and modify for this recording. We had some directions but relied a lot on improvisation. For this video I was typically giving the rhythm and structure and Denk & William improvised on those patterns moves even though at some points the engine was taken over by my acolytes.

We all recorded our screens using different software and different codecs. William, on his mac, used QuickTime, Denk, on linux used [SimpleScreenRecorder], and myself on windows, [CamStudio].

On the end we had three different codecs, different file lengths, different aspects ratios.
The first step is thus converting all that mess in our format and duration to rule them all.
As in other tutorials my video toolbox is mainly composed of [VirtualDub] and [ffmpeg]. This time I also added [mp4cam2avi] to convert from mp4/mov to avi.
I now have three video streams of equal lengths, synchronised all and well.

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