This website is waiting for a major overhaul, this page is thus not that up to date or complete in any way but it will probably be updated soon.

Wildfire Spreads is a remix of the album “Wildfire” by electronic music artist Cinder. ‘Wildfire Spreads’ features remixes of each of the original ‘Wildfire’ parts by 12 worldwide artists (France, Washington, Scotland, Sweden, etc.). To put together such a gigantic cast,

I invited both close friends of mine and foreign artists I was an absolute fan of. Result is a mind-blowing trip made of glitchy IDM, raw techno, dirty trap, and even dark italo. After all, fire knows no frontiers. Cinder.

My task was to make a serie of “concept” videos, one video per track of the “Wildfire Spread” album.

  • A FEW DAYS IN A ROW – view dedicated page

I spend a few days in a row, in a bit the same way as ODOVJ, making final render in one day, one per day for short period of time.
This serie is a about non-realtime renders.

Opus is the result of a serie of experiemental “albums” in collaboration with pure-data synth artist [Coloscope], live coding and realtime visuals.
The whole thing is not set in style but might be engraved with a special mood, the opus mood. Too be appreciated, endured or danced too, depending on each individual experience.

ODOVJ are improvised videos made under a single rule. Finish the upload the same day I start working on it, it consists of gathering the assests and code for the video and recording it live while the music is playing.


    Hand made DIY BD-R Mixtape – 88 copies Mixed by Moonlight Sonata at Melanocetus Home Studio, Strasbourg, France. 3 hours dj set from Ambient to Techno. Divided into 11 parts with 11 different video artists from all other the world.
    I was asked to visualise – A4  in 2014 as a realtime abstract voyage.


Noise swiss-knife artist [OTTO VON RHINAU] explores soundscapes and sometimes even repetitive structures (don’t tell him I said that) in a profound way that is too be above all  –  enjoyed live.  Even so, his numerous recordings offer some very interesting matter to explore, I urgently invite you to check his [discogs] and [website].  Furthermore it is too be noticed that most of his work is shared under an open licence !

I made some interpretations of his work and as it can’t be forced into considerations about structure, lenght and has somekind of nihilist overhead I can’t  argue with,  this came obviously for me as an invitation for non-conventional video experiments. So here comes the list some attempts to visualise Otto’s work.

Humanoïd is a collaborative project between a dancer, a cloth design and a video artist.
It consists of a dynamic video mapping using a kinect to track cloth motion and an audio reactive content.
It was based on four acts representing the evolution of the relationship between man and machine through, transformation, absorption, abnegation and conciliation of our digital-self.



8KHZ is a visual drone & bass project in collaboration with  dj AMen. It consists of video and audio glitches, throbbing drones for shadowing video-synced drums. This project went on a tour in 2004 “IN THE MOOD FOR NOISE” with William Nurdin and Otto von Rhinau. Hélas non of us took the time to record those performances. It might, someday, howevery, resurect and be (a)live again.

  • SILENCE ( 2014)

  • CHEAPSELL (2012)

  • NAKED NUKE  (2016)

  • VELHOP SONG (2014)

  • OTHER ( 2016)

Appart from that you can find a lot of different experiments  – too be completed soon