Live-Coding Practice Session supercollider

Live-Coding TV Dream

Ambientish / dronesque live coding session, SynthDefs here under.

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code snippets supercollider

Supercollider Synthdef sample reader v1

Some primitive sample player made in supercollider, includes reverb, cutoff, rate, saturation and delay.  I wanted to make an all-in-one sample player instead of fiddling with post effects, not very CPU efficient. I plan on optimizing it and adding loop, scratching and other capabilities.


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Sonic-Pi video

Sonic Pi Session #3 – night session (video + code)

Tonight some moody guitars with a slow beat and noisy saws in the background.  As usual you can find the code under the video. I used spread (dice(x), x).tick to make some random euclidean patterns as documented The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms (pdf)  by Godffried Toussain, implemented in Sonic-Pi via spread, it allows for non-repetitive but cohesive …

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