Live-Coding Practice Session supercollider

Live-Coding TV Dream

Ambientish / dronesque live coding session, SynthDefs here under.

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Supercollider tips

This page is a collection of tips I found on the internet or myself. use array size to determine amp (source) [crayon-5ba60ac3c5424104094189/] send osc message in a pbind [crayon-5ba60ac3c542d407321514/]   use RTM Notation to write complex rhythms (thx Alex Tipow for the link), [crayon-5ba60ac3c5433039801835/]  

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Ressources supercollider

Une compilation de ressources pour supercollider :   Use Sublime Text 3 with SC : Ugens & Demands and other intersting stuff Fredrikolofsson :  really neat tutorials & material (including courses, videos, docs, and examples) SC Tweets