Sonic Pi - Live coding sessions video

Sonic-Pi session : Heartbeat code under the breakuse_debug false live_loop :heartbeat do stop with_fx :echo, phase: 0.5, max_phase: 0.25 do synth :fm, note: :c2 sleep 1 end end live_loop :counter, sync: :heartbeat do stop notes = (stretch [:e3, :e4], 2).tick s = synth :pulse, note: notes, note_slide: 0.1, cutoff_slide: 1, cutoff: 30, pulse_width: 0.1 control s, note: :e1, …

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Sonic Pi - Live coding sessions Sonic-Pi

Afternoon Sonic-Pi session #2 (video + code)

  A new sonic-pi session using some of the stuff I learned from Jindřich Mynarz. Skip to 7 minutes if you want to see some action.

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Sonic Pi - Live coding sessions Sonic-Pi video

Sonic-Pi afternoon Session #1 (video + code)

Playing with Sonic-Pi this afternoon, Denis and I made a recording of this jam/practice session. Much was learned and there is much more to be learned ! I Here is the full cleaned code, made with Sonic Pi 2.10 with default samples and synths. As always, feel free to use, comment, improve, distribute, modify & so on…

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