July 2017 12
Release : SVDK & Coloscope – OPUS IV
Posted By : svdk

Fourth album of the OPUS serie. Our sound reflects the changes made in our respective setups. Using Pi-sound from blokas with a homemade live-capable pure-data patch, Coloscope made a flexible synth-tool allowing him to seek

September 2016 17
New album *LIFE/CODE #1*
Posted By : svdk

Life/code #1 is a compilation of Sonic-Pi and supercollider live-coding experimentation. It’s licensed under Creative Commons NC/SA. Most code is scattered somewhere in this website. Check the album’s page for more info.

August 2016 22
Album release : Nude-Nuke
Posted By : svdk

“Nude nuke” is a compilation of experimental “music” and moods made using various generative, feedback-based, analog loops, pure-data filtered signals, algorithmic feedback patterns made over the last couple of years. Not post-processed or edited in