July 2017 12
Release : SVDK & Coloscope – OPUS IV
Posted By : svdk

Fourth album of the OPUS serie. Our sound reflects the changes made in our respective setups. Using Pi-sound from blokas with a homemade live-capable pure-data patch, Coloscope made a flexible synth-tool allowing him to seek

April 2017 19
Sochaux Factory
Posted By : svdk

An audio video session, using samples recorded from Sochaux’s factory documentary processed and played live with [Sonic-Pi]. You can download the sample pack from here [indus sample pack], credits would be nice but of course not

January 2017 26
New album : [1, 7]
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[1, 7] is a compilation of 7 experimental tracks wandering around some unorthodox live-coding.  Album url on bandcamp Dedicated page on this website  

September 2012 23
Open Data / Vélhop – CTS – Part II
Posted By : svdk

Dans la première partie je me suis contenté de récupérer des données et de visualiser les changements via une représentation graphique et de representer ces même changements par des notes de musique. Je vais tenter