Supercollider Synthdef sample reader v1

Some primitive sample player made in supercollider, includes reverb, cutoff, rate, saturation and delay.  I wanted to make an all-in-one sample player instead of fiddling with post effects, not very CPU efficient. I plan on optimizing it and adding loop, scratching and other capabilities.


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Drum Pattern in Sonic Pi

My friend Denis made a drum pattern with a little melody to be used in Sonic Pi, feel free to use, modify, improve or whatever. You can listen to it here :

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Incremental sized patterns in supercollider

Following a question on facebook I asked I got an answer  which I included in a pbind. ( ~piano = Pbind( \instrument, \piano, \scale, Scale.augmented, \dur, 1/8, \degree, p { arg in; { arg x; in = Pseed(128, Pxrand( ( -10..10), 10)).asStream; {;}}; }.stutter(16).asStream.trace, \legato, Pkey(\dur), \width, 1, \preamp, 16, \detune, 1.007, \octave, […]

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vvvv + supercollider

This is a simple way to send an OSC message to VVVV. In supercollider, I made an empty SynthDef called “osc” which i can live via Pbind. Here is my prototype for a 2 channel video mixer with 4 post effects per channel. Supercollider Code ( ~video = Pbind( \instrument, \osc, \left, 12, \right, Pseq([1, […]

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Supercollider tips

This page is a collection of tips I found on the internet or myself. use array size to determine amp (source)

send osc message in a pbind

  use RTM Notation to write complex rhythms (thx Alex Tipow for the link),


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