360 degree video tutorial


Hi all ! This is my first try at a HD 360 degree video to be uploaded to Youtube.
My first goal was, as recommended by youtube to upload a 8192 x 4096 video to get the full 4K 360 degrees experience. So that’s exactly what I tried to do.  As you will see here under, that mission was more difficult than first expected.
First a little Warning : File size while working in those resolutions can be huge, especially using uncompressed video files. Check that you’ve got enough free hard drive space (> 100 Go, depending on the video length of course) before starting.Also working with such files can obviously lead to very long processing and rendering time. I included some various rendering times that might be helpful to estimate the length of the process.

Here are my laptop specs
Windows 7 64 bits
32 Go DDR4
I7 4700MQ @ 2.4 Ghz
Working on regular 1.5 To HDD 7200 r/m


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