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primaire de gauche
New album : [1, 7]
[1, 7] is a compilation of 7 experimental tracks wandering around some unorthodox live-coding.  Album url on bandcamp Dedicated page on this website  


Svdk & Coloscope – Opus III – 02 lullaby (video)

opus III – processor error (video)
sonic-pi live-coding workshops
sonic-pi live-coding workshops

Svdk & Coloscope – Opus I – 04 zwodder slitherum (video)
Opus III is out !
Opus III.

// /Realtime audioractive experiment using neural style transfer this time.
** Source material comes from Bergensbanen, the full trip from Bergen to Oslo, which has made available under creative commons licence by the Norwegian NRK broadcast. **

Video jam on track – Congas fury available on OPUS II – an experimental noise/something album made using live-coding and live-patching open source tools : pure-data & supercollider.

Neural Style transfer on Opus II

From album OPUS II. 

Opus II – Mixed feelings
New Album OPUS II.

svdk & coloscope – Opus II – Almqvist
Primaire de droite (video)

Ambientish / dronesque live coding session, SynthDefs here under.

SynthDef(\gendy, {
 arg out=0, amp=0.5, freq=220, gate=1, rel=1,speed=1;
 var sig, env, chaos;
 env =,1,rel),gate,doneAction:2);
 chaos =[120,10].rand, [10,40].rand, 124.0.rand, 50.0.rand, freq, freq * 2, 400.0.rand, 400.0.rand, [(0..8)].sqrt, 20, 5);
 sig =,[112, 60],, freq / 10);
 sig = sig, (400 * ExpRand(0.5,1/0.5)).clip(20,20000), 0.8 );
 sig = sig.tanh;
 sig =[sig,, 200,, 0, 1))]);
 sig =[sig,, 100)]);
 sig =, 0.5, 10, 0.2);
 sig = sig.tanh;, (sig * env)*amp);


SynthDef(\drone, { arg out = 0, speed = 1, amp = 0.5, rel = 0.5, dur = 1, freq=200;
 var base = LFNoise1;
 var adsr =*1,rel, 0.1, 1,-3),doneAction:2);
 var sig =*[20,freq],*2)+1/8),[freq,25],,,120);
 sig =, 100);
 sig =;
 sig = (sig * adsr);, sig * amp);


 {arg out=0, amp=0.5, b=2, rel=15, freq=440;
 var bass, s1, f,lag, d;
 var env =,rel,0),doneAction:2);*4,0,Dseq([b,b*2,b*4,b/2],inf));*4,0,Dseq([0.2,0.1,0.08,0.02,0.052,0.12],inf)).lag(0.2);[freq,freq]),mul:0.2)*[b/16,b/8]),0.4,decayTime:b*4);
 s1=s1.tanh;,room:2,mul:0.5,add:s1);,(s1 * amp) * env);

SynthDef(\sonar, { | freq = 1200, amp=0.5, out=0 |
 var sound;
 var env;
 var envpitch;
 sound =, freq , 0.015,1) * 1;{|i|
 sound =, 0.5, 0.1*i, 0, sound * amp);
 env = Env.perc(0.01, 3, 1, -4), doneAction: 2);
 sound =, 0.1, 0.4, 2);, sound * env);

SynthDef(\buzz,{|out= 0 freq = 320 amp = 1 gate=1 lforate = 120 lfowidth= 1.0 cutoff= 300 rq=4 pan=0.0|
 var vibrato, pulse, filter, env;
 vibrato =,Rand(0,9.0));
 pulse = Mix([1,1.44,2.1]*freq)*(1.0+(lfowidth*vibrato)),Rand(0.0,0.1)!3,
 filter =,cutoff,rq);
 env =,8,8,5),gate,doneAction:2);,*env*amp,pan));

Live-Coding TV Dream
Sonic Pi keyboard shortcuts
  First version of a printable Sonic-Pi keyboard shortcuts, there is room for improvement, any suggestions are welcome. A french version is coming [...]
New album *LIFE/CODE #1*
Life/code #1 is a compilation of Sonic-Pi and supercollider live-coding experimentation. It’s licensed under Creative Commons NC/SA. Most code is [...]
Supercollider Synthdef sample reader v1
Some primitive sample player made in supercollider, includes reverb, cutoff, rate, saturation and delay.  I wanted to make an all-in-one sample player [...]
New album release * OPUS I. *
Sonic-Pi Afternoon live-coding Session #4 : Heavy dark Ambient !
Afternoon Session 4 on Sonic-Pi – heavy dark ambient with broken beats, collaboration with a friend – Denis. Best track for the moment. Too be [...]
Sonic Pi Session #3 – night session (video + code)
Tonight some moody guitars with a slow beat and noisy saws in the background.  As usual you can find the code under the video. I used spread (dice(x), [...]
Afternoon Sonic-Pi session #2 (video + code)
  A new sonic-pi session using some of the stuff I learned from Jindřich Mynarz. Skip to 7 minutes if you want to see some action. use_debug false [...]
Sonic-Pi afternoon Session #1 (video + code)
Playing with Sonic-Pi this afternoon, Denis and I made a recording of this jam/practice session. Much was learned and there is much more to be learned [...]
Drum Pattern in Sonic Pi
My friend Denis made a drum pattern with a little melody to be used in Sonic Pi, feel free to use, modify, improve or whatever. You can listen to it here : [...]
Exhibition @ En voiture simone
Preparing the exhibition. i plan on making a high res gallery soon with all the pictures of the Landshap serie.  

An audio video jam session using some assets I still had somewhere on my computer. Supercollider code isn’t very interesting, basically a Ppar with loads of samples.


ODOVJ S03E01 – Supercollider Audio Video Jam Session
Ethereal (sound track)
A improvised ambientish live-coding track.   It’s heavily based on a modified version of  Eugene Kogan’s organ (initially made to use with [...]
Quick evening project : Raspberry Pi radio
Quick evening project : Raspberry Pi radio Long Term project : Raspberry Pi Radio (article being redacted…). I wanted to do a quick project for a [...]
oh when the saints (sonic pi)
Very simple adaptation of Oh when the saints using live_loops use_bpm 170 live_loop :intro do # stop with_synth :blade do play_pattern_timed [:r, 60, 64, [...]
Sonic-Pi : Very simple version of seven nation’s Army
More advanced and clever version # VERY SIMPLE VERSION OF Five nation’s Army live_loop [...]
Album release : Nude-Nuke
“Nude nuke” is a compilation of experimental “music” and moods made using various generative, feedback-based, analog loops, pure-data filtered signals, [...]
Molodoi simplfied 3d model
A rough and sketchy 3D model of the Molodoi venue in Strasbourg in collada format. Feel free to use and enhance molodoi3d_dae
Roland D-20 syntheziser’s drumkit
This is a recording of the Roland D-20’s integrated drumkit. Recorded in 44100.  Feel free to use it any way you like. Not professional quality. Here [...]

My first try on visuals connected to supercollider via OSC + FFT on sound to make audio reactive content. Code can be found here

Supercollider live-session 11
Incremental sized patterns in supercollider
Following a question on facebook I asked I got an answer  which I included in a pbind. ( ~piano = Pbind( \instrument, \piano, \scale, Scale.augmented, [...]
vvvv + supercollider
This is a simple way to send an OSC message to VVVV. In supercollider, I made an empty SynthDef called “osc” which i can live via Pbind. Here [...]

Supercollider live coding session #10 bis

Supercollider Live session #10

Supercollider live Session #9

Supercollider Live session #8
supercollider + visuals
Hey hey, As I’m continuing my everyday video session with supercollider I decided to take it up a notch and add some visuals to the equations. For [...]
Supercollider tips
This page is a collection of tips I found on the internet or myself. use array size to determine amp (source) \amp, 0.1 / Pkey(\degree).collect(_.size)  [...]
supercollider : rolling drums
Just some simple code do to some rolling drums, might be a better way though. ( ~rolling= Pbind( \instrument, \readsf, \buf, d[\pack_bd][6], \dur, Pstutter( Pseq(Array.geom(10, 1, 1.2 ), inf).trace, // Pseq(Array.geom(10, 1, 1.2 ).reciprocal, inf)), ))

Supercollider : live-coding session #7 : Pbinds and piano mayem, pwalk, ptuple, pswitch

Supercollider – Live-coding session 6 : wrong sample rate !

Supercollider – Live-coding session 5 : not drum’n’bass

Supercollider – Live-coding session 4 : Industrial technoïdale stuff

Supercollider – Live-coding session 3 : noisy backgrounds

Supercollider – Live-coding session 2 : pads & some drums

Supercollider : Live-coding #1 : ppar & samples
Sonic Pi, Photos du premier atelier au shadok
# some fun with a FM osc.   live_loop :birdy do with_fx :gverb do with_fx :hpf, cutoff: 100 do with_fx :wobble, wave: 3, phase: 0.1 do use_synth :fm use_synth_defaults amp: rrand(0, 0.3), divisor: 170, depth: rrand_i(20, 80) play (knit :e1, 2, :c2, 3, :c1, 3).choose, sustain: 2, decay: 1, pan: rrand(-1,1) sleep rrand_i(1, 4) end […]
Sonic Pi Tips
# debug info puts status ## euclidian beat ## puts (spread 3, 8) ## bar graph ## spark (range 1, 25) # x occurence of each element of the array (stretch [...]

Soirée du NL contest, mapping vidéo.

Dirty Safari / summary !
audio-reactive mesh displacement
audio-reactive mesh displacement
Free 3d model Biohazard
Download free simple biohazard model : (outer ring + inner ring + both rings), fbx format biohazard
Batch resize and convert with ffmpeg from jpg to png in windows
for %%a in (“*.jpg”) do ffmpeg -i “%%a” -s 100×75 “%%~na.png” pause Just a simple batch file to batch resize and [...]
Mini Bruitism @ M.S Stubnitz / Hambourg / 08.04.2016
                      MICROSCOTHEQUE™ [nom féminin] : contraction des mots, microscopique et [...]
Ressources supercollider
Une compilation de ressources pour supercollider :   Use Sublime Text 3 with SC [...]

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam Season 2 Epsiode 5 – VT[1]KanJ – – Follow the line
3d model used in Zoviet France ODOVJ video
Download here : 3dmodels_victorprouve (collada format)

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam Season 2 Epsiode 4 – VJ – Zoviet France – Smoking Erde
WIP – Zoviet France
WIP – Zoviet France
Carte interactive, WIP
Carte interactive, WIP
live @ Shadok / Contre-Temps
live @ Shadok / Contre-Temps
Rencontres Abstraites #2 / Shadoks, retour photos
Rencontres Abstraites #2 / Shadoks, retour photos
Fancing Stanley’s projection tests
Fancing Stanley’s projection tests
Some script to decompress videos
Just some little script using ffmeg / windows to decompress video into jpgs with a generated thumbnail for %%i in (*.avi) do ffmpeg -i “%%i” -f [...]
Preparing Flako @ Shadok / contre-temps
Preparting next show
Preparting next show
WIP – a big 3d head … going to be sculpted soon …
Quelques images des images générées par les inputs d’Otto von Rhino
Quelques images des images générées par les inputs d’Otto von Rhino


you can find the vvvv patch used to make this here (rename it as whatever you want .v4p, as wordpress inhibits the upload of v4p file extensions : renameasv4p

if I ever make an other version, I’ll use pure-data to manage the sound scratching.

realtime Montage experiment (yet another saturday morning project)

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam Season 2 Epsiode 1 – VJ – Letherique – Rite d’illumination

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam Season 2 Epsiode 3 – VJ – Otto Von Rhino – FYM


ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam Season 2 Epsiode 1 – VJ – Recondite – Cleric
Improvisations graphiques
Improvisations graphiques
Facing Stanley
Facing Stanley [facebook]  est un groupe de rock strasbourgeois qui explore entre autres le thème de la schizophrenie. Un premier concert à la maison bleue [...]
suite préparation
suite préparation
Travaux Préparatoires / ODOVJ
Travaux Préparatoires / ODOVJ
Previews OVOVJ

Well it’s time (after six months !) for a new ODOVJ – One day One Video Jam – , 7 days, 7 videos. Improvisation is the rule.  One take and that’s all. All 100% realtime, no edits. Content is made during the day while drinking tons of coffee.

ODOVJ SEASON 2 // chosen tracks

1/ Letherique – Rite d’illumination [Log Arythmic Records #1] – 2015 [bandcamp] – done !
2/ Recondite – EC10 EP –  Cleric [Dystopian #003] [soundcloud] – in progress
3/ Otto Von Rhino – FYM
4/ T[1]nkan – Follow the line [soundcloud]
5/  Zoviet France – Smocking erde / [Shouting at the ground, 1988 / Red Rhino Records]
6/ We glitch well together –
7/  Edouard Von Schaeke – Horsch [soundcloud]

Furthermore, i’ll try to share most of the ressources I’ll use in those videos on this website under an open licence.

 see you in a week for the results !

other links

Studio saglio @ 21.02.2015 / Léo Caissutti / Mind Against
Studio saglio @ 21.02.2015 / Léo Caissutti / Mind Against
Prochains visuels pour le studio saglio / Mind Against
Prochains visuels pour le studio saglio / Mind Against
Moonlight Sonata Work in Progress
Moonlight Sonata Work in Progress
5 décembre 2014 – Rencontres Abstraites #1 – Hall des chars / Strasbourg
5 décembre 2014 – Rencontres Abstraites #1 – Hall des chars / Strasbourg

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam #6 – VJ – Coloscope – Ballade à quatre pieds
ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam #5 – VJ – Coloscope – SpaceSomething

ODOVJ4 – One Day – One Video Jam #4 – VJ – DIM.M – 16 bit (buggy Pacman !)

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam #2 – Sonic Area (Music for Ghosts) – Infernal Clockwork

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam #1 – SEAZO – “Instant twisted Perception”

ODOVJ – One Day – One Video Jam #7 – VJ – Coloscope – Poil de byte
3 coloscopies pour le prix d’une seule : gratuit !
Grand jour de fête dans le monde de la chirurgie musicale. Ablations portes-ouvertes et nappes de scalpels explorant les colons. Grâce à la fine touche du [...]
Prochain album – random stuff 5.2
02_drone_4min _01_intro_petite_creature 02_second_track_02
Inkshapes I
Une compilation des dessins de la semaine en format pdf (18 Mo). Le document se trouve là : [...]
Faire fonctionner un écran tactile monoinput SCD 1597 sous Xubuntu
Vite fait un petit reminder sur comment faire fonctionner l’écran tactile monoinput SCD 1597 sous Xubuntu – S’assurer que le port com est [...]
f/2 50mm ISO 1000 manual shutter stop
Open Data / Vélhop – CTS – Part II
Dans la première partie je me suis contenté de récupérer des données et de visualiser les changements via une représentation graphique et de representer [...]
CTS / Vélhop – Open Data part I
    Première étape : récupérer régulièrement le fichier xml contenant les données du VELHOP   1 # !/bin/bash 2 3 while [ true ]; do 4 # Crée [...]
Col près de Sagnol / Gigors